download zeroconfServiceBrowser

Tool to enumerate network-services which are advertised using Apple Bonjour™ / multicast-DNS

Apple Bonjour™ is part of a technology which is also known as zero configuration networking.  It allows computers and small embedded devices to announce certain services which they offer to other devices/computers on the local network.  All this works without having a central DNS-server running, since everything is done using multicast-DNS between the peers on the network.

There are already many applications using this technology.  To be able to find out what kind of services are available on your local network, you can use enumBonjour to browse for all that has been announced by computers or devices (like network-printers for example).

In the top list, you will find the names of the services found on your local network.  If you click on an entry, the different computers/devices offering this service will be listed on the bottom left.  If you click on one of the service-instances, you will find detailed information about this instance, like the IP-address and the port-number where this service can be reached.

To use this software, you should have the Bonjour-services for Windows installed on your computer.  This will already be the case when you are using certain Apple software like iTunes for example. 

If no Bonjour is found on your computer the installer will default to download it from the Apple website and install it before installing the actual service browser.

In case it is not installed, zeroconfServiceBrowswer will default to use it‘s integrated lightweight mDNS implementation (in the title of the software you will see „zeroconfServiceBrowser using lightweight mDNS“).

In case you are looking for such a tool on OS X, take a look at the Bonjour Browser.