Generic ASIO-driver for WDM-kernel-streaming capable soundcards.

The ASIO2KS project started out in 2003.  I had bought myself a Terratec EWX 24/96 soundcard for my private music-projects.  At the same time I found out about the new low-level soundcard-driver scheme of Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP: WDM kernel streaming.

As we were thinking to use the kernel-streaming-interface for some products at my company, I started to delve into the kernel-streaming interfaces to get to know them well enough.

I figured that this interface that could access soundcards at a low level and circumvent the MS kernel-mixer, would enable me to create an ASIO wrapper-driver which could be used to access off-the-shelf soundcards with professional audio-software using the ASIO-interface at a very low latency.

So ASIO2KS developed into a little learning-project for kernel-streaming.  Since my interests have moved on somewhat, no further work has been done on this project for some time (adaption for WaveRT in Vista for example)

In the meantime someone else has also developed a good solution in this realm: ASIO4ALL.  So in case you are looking for an up to date generic ASIO-driver, this newer project is probably the way to go 🙂