libRtpMidi SDK

download libRtpMidi SDK

libRtpMidi SDK (Software-Development-Kit) – THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION meant for end-users, but a library and code-samples to allow developers to create network-MIDI sessions using my libRtpMidi library.

This SDK includes bindings & a command-line sample to help developers create network MIDI-session from programming-languages like C, C++ & Delphi.

Included in this SDK are shared libraries for the following targets:

• Windows (x86/x64)
• Linux (x86/x64/armel/armhf/arm64/mips)
• macOS (x64)
• iOS (arm64).

Due to the effort to create a highly portable library, it is possible to recompile it for embedded targets as well. The target should be at least a 32bit architecture with support for uint64_t. The target needs to provide a clock with 0.1msec granularity and a network-layer with the ability to send and receive UDP packets with IPv4 and/or IPv6.

You may use this SDK to evaluate the integration of the libRtpMidi library into your our own applications.  This software is NOT freeware or shareware.  This software is copyrighted by Tobias Erichsen.

Software linking to this SDK MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED in any way without prior clearance with me (Tobias Erichsen).  For questions concerning distribution, licencing etc. just contact me by email.  Please provide a small description of the project you want to integrate libRtpMidi into!