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Tool to proxy MIDI ports for Windows XP up to Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit.

This software can be used to proxy existing MIDI-ports on your computer-system.  This allows for two interesting features:

  • Failsafe operation for live-usage
    If you accidentally unplug your USB-MIDI-keyboard or -controller during a live-gig, total havoc will break out.  The driver will disable and even if you plug-in the device again, you will still need to restart your audio-software for the MIDI-device to work again.  With proxyMIDI you will connect your software to the always existing virtual port and in case of unplugging, the virtual port will automatically reconnect as soon as the cable has been reinserted!
  • Multi-client-capabilites for non-multi-client capable MIDI-ports
    Windows USB-class-driver for MIDI which almost all of the USB-MIDI-keyboards and -controllers use have a major drawback: only one application can open those ports at the same time.  If you are interested in multiple applications to use a single device, you can use proxyMIDI in the middle to provide up to 8 concurrent connections for your applications.

proxyMIDI works as a Windows service and starts up as soon as the system boots up. Prior configured ports will be internally connected as soon as they appear based on the plug-and-play system.