Addition to the family

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I have become parents for a second time.  We love the time we spend with our little Janis and also with his “big” sister Lena, so please bear with me if it currently takes a little longer to repond to your emails :-)

Software update imminent

I finally had time to add multi-client capabilities to my virtualMIDI-driver. As soon as I have finished updating the installers of rtpMIDI and loopMIDI, both of those will have this new capability and I will upload new versions here…

Multi-client means, that each created virtual MIDI-port can be opened by multiple applications at the same time (currently limited to 8 concurrent applications).

New website

I have finally moved over my website to WordPress.  I created the old version with iWeb, but since this Apple-software seems to not be getting any more updates, I thought it was time to move on… added benefit: I can update my site now while not at home.

If have tried to redirect all the former pages to the new layout if someone bookmarked any entries – if any of the old links do not work anymore, please let me know…


I have discovered and fixed an issue concerning SYSEX-transmission with
loopMIDI. After some more testing I will be releasing a new installer over
the next days…