Windows 10 compatibility

After not having posted for quite some time, now a short status-update:

Finally, I have officially released new versions of loopMIDI, rtpMIDI and the virtualMIDI SDK
Those versions (and various predecessors) have been available in the Beta stuff section for some time now.
All of those have been tested with the latest Windows versions up to Windows 10.
Thanks to everyone who has given me valuable feedback to improve the software over the years!

And now – enjoy…

Addition to the family

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I have become parents for a second time.  We love the time we spend with our little Janis and also with his “big” sister Lena, so please bear with me if it currently takes a little longer to repond to your emails 🙂

Software update imminent

I finally had time to add multi-client capabilities to my virtualMIDI-driver. As soon as I have finished updating the installers of rtpMIDI and loopMIDI, both of those will have this new capability and I will upload new versions here…

Multi-client means, that each created virtual MIDI-port can be opened by multiple applications at the same time (currently limited to 8 concurrent applications).

New website

I have finally moved over my website to WordPress.  I created the old version with iWeb, but since this Apple-software seems to not be getting any more updates, I thought it was time to move on… added benefit: I can update my site now while not at home.

If have tried to redirect all the former pages to the new layout if someone bookmarked any entries – if any of the old links do not work anymore, please let me know…


I have discovered and fixed an issue concerning SYSEX-transmission with
loopMIDI. After some more testing I will be releasing a new installer over
the next days…